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The following endorsements were submitted by former associates of Elvis Presley after seeing The Dream King in concert:


  • "Many thanks from Caesare Belvano and staff. I want to thank each and every one of you for your support. This year is going to be the best year ever!" Caesare Belvano 

  • Sonny West, Elvis' bodyguard and lifelong friend, said "Caesare's musical tribute to Elvis is just amazing! I have never seen anything like it."

  • Jerry Schilling, lifelong friend with Elvis Presley, said "The Dream King in Concert is not just an Elvis tribute. It's literally an Elvis concert. Caesare has inherited the throne!"

  • Scotty Moore, the legendary guitar player for Elvis, said "Caesare Belvano is a fine performer, respectfully re-creating a tribute to my friend Elvis. But most of all, he is keeping the music alive."

  • Lamar Fike, a lifelong friend with Elvis Presley, said "Perhaps the World's Greatest. The King would be very proud of this incredible tribute!"

  • J.D. Sumner of The Stamps Quartet said  "Caesare is simply amazing! It would be impossible to find anyone who could do it better."

  • Charlie Hodge, a lifelong friend and band member of Elvis, said "I have seen and worked with a lot of Elvis Tribute Artists, and Caesare has an incredible look and an amazing Elvis-style voice."

  • Sherrill Shaun Nielsen, Elvis' tenor singer said  "Singing and working with Caesare Belvano is the closest I'll ever get to reliving the magic of Elvis Presley on stage all over again. Caesare is truly an outstanding performer."

  • Wayne Carmen, a lifelong friend and karate training partner for Elvis, said "Caesare is a talented and genuinely dedicated Elvis Tribute Artist who brings the music and the image of "The King" vividly back to life."

  • Sam Philips, Elvis' lifelong friend and owner of Sun Studios, who was vital to launching the career of Elvis Presley said "Caesare is a real fine young man and is a true legit Elvis Tribute professional. He brings honor to the man and his music."

  • Ronnie McDowell said "With all that Caesare has going for him, he's the best Elvis Tribute Artist you will find."

  • D.J. Montana, Elvis' original drummer, said "Caesare is on top! He is the finest gentleman I have ever worked with. He looks great, sings great, and does a fantastic tribute to my friend Elvis Presley."

  • Joe Esposito, a lifelong friend and road manager with Elvis Presley said "Caesare is truly one of the great ones!"

  • Gordon Stoker of the Jordaniars said "We've seen a lot of Elvis impersonator shows. Caesare's show is respectfully recreating a musical tribute to Elvis Presley. I agree with Terry Blackwood who said 'Caesare Belvano is the closest to the King.' "

  • Ed Enoch of the Stamps Quartet (Elvis called him the greatest voice in gospel music) said "Caesare is a professional singer that brings respect and honor to Elvis' image, his music, and his legacy."

  • Terry Blackwood of the Imperial Quartet said  "When you see and hear Caesare perform on stage, no doubt he is the closest to the King."

  • Mike Trivisonno, WTAM 1100 News and Radio host, said "Caesare Belvano is a phenomenal Elvis Tribute Artist. Elvis himself would be honored!"

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