Caesare Belvano

The Closest to the King in Concert



The Man, The Myth, The Legend Lives On!

Pronunciation: Caesare (Chez-er-ray

His name comes from Gaius Julius Caesar, 100 BC - 44BC. His voice comes from heaven. His passion is to recreate all the electrifying magic of the greatest entertainer of all time.

Based on a true story...


Caesare Belvano was born and raised in beautiful Akron, Ohio the Rubber City Capital of the world. He still lives there today, when he isn't on the road touring.

Brought up in a christian family, Caesare deeply adores his mother (just as Elvis adored Gladys.) His first influences in music were the gospel hymns sung at his church.

Caesare's love for music led him to begin imitating his musical idol, Elvis Presley. THE KING had a huge impact on his dreams. Little did he know then that his love & devotion for Elvis would lead him to a beloved career of paying tribute to the greatest musical artists in history!

Yearning for perfection, Caesare has transformed his dream into reality. A great fan of "THE KING", Caesare wears his showmanship on his sleeve rather than shedding tears on his pillow. Through each performance fans are able to remember Elvis' wonderful music, easing their pain of loosing the greatest entertainer of all time. He performs to a wide variety of venues to wide-ranging audiences through out America and the world.

Caesare has performed in many cities across the United States and in such countries as Canada, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Venezuela and many more, to tremendous response. He loves what he does very much and has such great appreciation for the fans!

Without them, none of it would be possible. He is sincerely grateful to everyone!

With his smooth vocals and uncanny resemblance to Elvis add the finishing touch to the songs made famous by the King of Rock and Roll. Caesare's unique ability to depict each era of Elvis' life from the early Gold Lame, to the fun movie songs, the raw sexy 1968 Black Leather comeback and finally the legendary studded, jeweled jumpsuits of the glamorous Las Vegas Years. Caesare is considered The Best Elvis Tribute Artist in the world.

Caesare has brought honor to the man, his music and his legacy. He has accomplished this goal to the approval of his peers and all who have had the opportunity to enjoy the music of Eternally Elvis In Concert.

Caesare has had the pleasure of performing in this marvelous adventure of heartfelt nostalgia throughout America and around the world, and has always returned home to Akron, Ohio with the satisfaction that the role he has assumed is one that truly belongs to him.

Caesare continues to grow professionally taking on other areas of the entertainment industry. He has begun modeling and acting. Caesare plans to continue moving forward, in his never-ending quest to become the best in his entertainment endeavors. So whether he is on stage as Elvis, or on the big screen, he looks forward to giving you the opportunity to experience the legend that is…..CAESARE...

Caesare-The Sun Never Sets on a Legend